Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Week 9 Photo Tour

The Week 9 Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market photo tour is now on file at flickr.com, just click here to connect.

Considering the string of downpours between the sunshine from week 8, this week was just amazingly beautiful weather -- some of the best of the summer. And, so many market shoppers kept the upcoming 4th of July weekend festivities in mind.

Market vendors will tell you it was a bit breezy for their canopies, from time-to-time, but it was just such a pleasant day for leisurely shopping. A perfect day for a bike ride, stroller ride, or dog walk to the market.

The market is more than just popping buy for pie (although pie IS important). The market is a true experience for the senses.

One of the best things about the farmers' market is being able to take the time to taste new foods and talk with the market vendors.

Not sure about chutney? Rohini at Arjay Gourmet will be more than happy to answer your questions. Can't imagine that there could be personal care products made with edible ingredients? Dawn Combs at Mockingbird Meadows is happy to tell you how! Want to know more about organic farming? Ask Mike Laughlin at Northridge Organic Farm or Dick Jensen at Flying J Farm. Sue Renner at The Heritage Bakery will be happy to share her stories about picking blackberries for this week's delicious pies. Want to know what it's like to live on a farm that's been in your family since the late 19th century? Ask Eddie Lou Meimer at Pleiades Maple Products. How about finding out what it's like to be a new farmer? Ask the Shinglers at Frijolito Farm.

As, Mary Bridgman of Bridgman Farm mentioned last week, if you are going to farm, you have to love what you're are doing. When you buy locally, you not only know where your food is coming from, but you know the people who bring it to you.

Check out the Market Vendor Directory -- click here.

Pictured: Mockingbird Meadows and Arjay Gourmet Foods.

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