Friday, May 30, 2008

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Market Week 4 Photo Tour

This past Wednesday's Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market welcomed a beautiful day and so many families.

Vendors filled the market with beautiful flowers, fresh-sprouted seed plants, delicious foods, personal care products, and aromatic coffees.

Take a photo tour of Week 4's market on Flickr -- just click here.

Featured: Newest market vendor Flower Power Gourmet.

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Welcome Flower Power Gourmet

Week Four of the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market welcomed a new market vendor -- Flower Power Gourmet.

Flower Power Gourmet features delicious baked goods and sweet treats with a unique natural touch, including:

▪ Lavender Herb Bread
▪ Calendula Orange Cupcakes
▪ Rose Petal Scones
▪ Sweet Wine Lavender Cookies
▪ Chamomile Cookies
▪ Green Tea Cupcakes
▪ Dandelion Quiche

Visit Diane Coyan and her daughter Summer at next week's market! Try a green teacake sample!

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: A Recipe from Frijolito Farm

Rhode Island Red Cockerels Slow Cooked in Wine
A quickie version of the french Coc Au Vin

From: Mayda Shingler of Frijolito Farm

Our chickens free range on grass and broadleaf plants plus a nutritionally balanced feed. They are fed no antibiotics and enjoy lots of space and humane conditions.

At about 1.5 lbs each, our small reds are perfectly sized for an individual meal. The meat is lean and flavorful.

How to cook our heritage chicken:

We recommend slow cooking methods to bring out the flavor of this traditional breed.

Defrost in the refrigerator for 1-2 days before cooking. This will allow the meat to relax and become tender.


2 tablespoons unsalted butter
One young cockerel (1.5 lbs. cut up) Cut in half or in quarters 6-8 slices Bacon (optional for extra flavor)
1 slice air-cured ham, diced (optional for extra flavor)
1 medium onion kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 1/2 cups hearty red wine herbs
Dash each of (thyme, bay, parsley)
1 cloves garlic, green germ removed (or minced garlic)
1-3 cups chicken stock (enough to cover the chicken for slow cooking)

Can be cooked with a few carrots and/or potatoes in the broth.

For thickening the sauce:
1 Tsp flour
1 Tsp butter


▪ Melt the butter in a medium heavy stockpot or deep frying pan over medium heat. When the butter is hot, brown the cockerel on all sides.

▪ Dice the onion.

▪ Remove the chicken from the pan and add the bacon. Brown it on all sides. When the bacon is browned, add the onion to the pan and sauté about 2 minutes.

▪ Add the chicken (and ham if used) back to the pan and season with salt and pepper.

▪ Pour the wine over all.

▪ You can add some carrots and/or potatoes to cook with your chicken if desired.

▪ Stir in the herbs and the garlic; pour in just enough chicken stock to cover the chicken. Bring the liquid to a boil, reduce the heat so it is simmering, cover and cook until the chicken is tender but not falling from the bone (1 hour to 1½ hours).

▪ When chicken is tender, make the sauce below:

Make the sauce:

▪ Blend the butter and flour in a small bowl to a homogeneous paste.

▪ When the chicken is cooked, about ¼ cup of the cooking juices into the flour and butter mixture, then pour that mixture into the pan holding the chicken. Stir it in and let it cook, stirring, until the sauce is thickened. Taste for seasoning and remove from the heat.

▪ Ideally, let the dish sit from 1-8 hours, or overnight, before serving.

However, I only let mine sit for half an hour and it was still tasty. Feel free to play around with this recipe to fit your personal taste. I have cooked it without the bacon or ham and never missed it.

The above recipe can also be cooked in a crock-pot, after the initial browning, for about 3-4 hours or until chicken is fully cooked.

Click here for a print version of this recipe (PDF).

Click here for the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market Recipe Directory.

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Week 3 Photo Tour

A perfect family outing.

The Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market congregated on a beautiful and very windy day! Still a great day for brisk, fresh air shopping.

Click here for the Market Week 3 photo tour.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Sue's Kitchen Features Baked Goods and Blooms

Hello Everyone!

My daughter, Sara, will be selling gorgeous spring flower bouquets today. Beautiful Iris and Lilacs picked fresh from our gardens this morning arranged in bouquets, wrapped in tissue and tied with a bow.

Great for gift giving or for your dining table.

See you there!

-- Sue

Sue's Kitchen

(614) 588-6903

Uptown Westerville Farmer's Market: A Recipe and Market Report from Bird's Haven Farms

This week's recipe for the Westerville Farm Market from Bird's Haven Farms ----

A delicious sandwich recipe that calls for fresh produce and fresh baked bread!

Cucumber and Cheddar Cheese Sandwiches


Fresh Baked Bread (whatever type you prefer)
Cucumber (English)
White Cheddar Cheese (old or Strong)
Butter or Mayonnaise
Salt or Black Pepper

Peel cucumber skin and cut thin round slices.

Spread butter or mayo on two slices of baked bread.

Cut Cheddar cheese into thin slices and place on the slices until thoroughly covered.

Then place the thin slices of cucumbers on top of the cheese and add salt and pepper on top of the cucumbers only. Place the second (buttered or mayo-ed) slice on top of the cucumbers and cut in half.

If you eat this sandwich with hot soup when you have a cold, you will recover twice as fast!!!

Just Around the Corner --

Fresh summer squash and zucchini coming soon. Just picked our first ripe tomato Memorial weekend from the high tunnels!!

Click here for the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market Recipe Directory.

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Orchard Report from Malabar Acres

Hello to all as we continue to freeze up in northern Ohio.

I think we are fine with peaches as we blossomed in between two different cold snaps. We should be on schedule to start harvest around July 15th. In spite of the below normal weather grass continues to grow as due the peaches and apples.

I have concerns with apples as we has a full bloom but cold weather keep bee activity way done. Fruit set looks good but we do not know for sure until after June drop.

Good luck to all of you and see you in July.

Mike Dippold at Malabar Acres.

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Bridgman Farm's Season Selection for Fresh Produce

This season, from Bridgman Farm:

Gourmet Lettuces


Snow and Snap Peas

Sweet and Spicy Basils

Heirloom Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes



Summer Squash





Sweet Melons

Produce selection as harvested.

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Buckeye Mustard's Steak with Mustard Sauce Recipe

Market Vendor Buckeye Mustard features spicy mustard with fresh horseradish (yum) and a pepper infused buffalo wing hot sauce with a spicy kick.

Buckeye Mustard goes great with brats and burgers, add's extra oomph to deviled eggs, and is a perfect pretzel dip. But Buckeye Mustard is not just a condiment -- it's an ingredient!

Check out this recipe straight from Lisa's Mom for Steak with Mustard Sauce.

2 tbsp butter
3 tbsp olive oil
8 oz sliced mushroom/small onions or both
4 Ribeye or Filet Mignon steaks
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 tbsp Buckeye Mustard
1 tsp dried tarragon or 1 tbsp fresh2 shallots, minced
2 tbsp water or beef broth

Heat butter and 1 tbsp oil in skillet over high heat. When butter stops popping, add mushrooms/onions and cook, stirring occasionally until they become golden. Remove with a slotted spoon to a plate.

Add 1 tbsp oil to skillet and add the steaks. Cook on high heat 2 1/2 minutes on one side, turn and cook another 2 minutes (medium rare) remove steaks and keep warm.

Add remaining oil or remove excess oil from skillet as needed to have a thin layer of oil in the skillet.

Add shallots, stir occasionally until soft and golden.

Add cream, Buckeye Mustard and tarragon, 2 tbsp water or beef broth and any juices collected from steaks and/or mushroom/onions.

Stir to blend and heat through. Spoon sauce over steaks and then top with mushrooms/onions.

Wonderful...Thanks Mom!!

Thanks, Lisa. Visit Buckeye Mustard this week at the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market.

Click here for the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market Recipe Directory.

Uptown Westerville Farmers Market: This Week from Varley Valley

Well, yesterday, I was having trouble getting motivated. So, I’m not sure exactly what I will be bringing to market, but you can count on Challah loaves and totally wheat. Otherwise, I will see where my scattered brain takes me. I will not have any new jams, which leads me into the next paragraph.

Obviously, you
know that I love baking. But did you know that there was something I love even more? Greyhounds, yes that’s what I said, GREYHOUNDS – not the buses but the incredibly sweet, amazingly sleek dogs. I have spent the last week organizing the annual greyhound reunion picnic for Team Greyhound, a local adoption organization. Therefore, no new jams!

Stop by my booth tomorrow and register to win your chance at meeting a real adoptable racing dog. Okay, so all you really have to do is stop by. Weather permitting, I will have my foster dog, Fury (racing name Jawa Fury) with me. She is a very sweet, red fawn girlhoundie just waiting to find her forever home. I swear she could melt even the coldest heart with her big dark eyes. We hope to see you tomorrow.

Jane Varley
Varley Valley Products

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Week Two Photo Tour

This week's weather is supposed to be pleasant on Wednesday afternoon! Perfect for Fresh Air Shopping.

So, please join us at the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market!

Be sure to check out the infused honey from Mockingbird Meadows.

Click this link to view photos from last week's market activity on flickr.

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Taste Before You Buy

What makes each Wednesday Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market day special?


That's right, take your taste buds for a test drive!

Many of our market vendors feature select product samples of their tasty goods each week. Just like these market customers visiting Buckeye Mustard!

Warning: Tasting will lead to regular purchases!!

Visit the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market each Wednesday through October 29th. Market hours are 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and the market is located at N. State and E. Home in the Church of the Messiah parking lot.

The Uptown Westerville Farmers Market is presented by the Westerville Uptown Merchants Association. Take some time each Wednesday to Shop Uptown Westerville.

Who's at the market?
Click here for the Market Directory.
How do I get there?
Click here for Directions.
Want to know more?
Click here for the Uptown Westerville Farmers Market web page.
Want to contact the market?
Click here to email the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: This Week's Fresh Bread

Well, I have been busy making bread dough today. The dough is currently spending time rising – so I am taking a break to let you know what I will have tomorrow. As always, if you call me at 614.523.0754 before noon tomorrow, I will save your order for you until you can get to the market. I sold out last week, so this is advised.

This week I will have the following: Breads: challah loaves (slightly sweet eggy bread), totally wheat,
parmesan peppercorn wheat, birdseed (wheat bread with lots of seeds, whole grains, etc.), cinnamon swirl, and lemon swirl.

Jams: Blackberry Jelly, Blackberry Triple Sec Jelly, Brandied Apricot, Crabapple Jelly, Cranberry Peach, Spiced Plum, Low Sugar Brandied Peach, Low Sugar Brandied Plum, Low Sugar Crabapple Jelly, Mango Chutney, and Hot Mango Chutney.

I told several of you that I would have some marmalade this week, unfortunately it didn’t set (yes, occasionally I do have some that just don’t cooperate), so I will not have it ready for this week. Hopefully I will have this corrected by next week (marmalade sometimes takes 2 weeks to set) and may also have some rhubarb and strawberry rhubarb jams.

Please feel free to make suggestions regarding next week's bread selection.

Jane Varley
Varley Valley Products

Monday, May 12, 2008

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Sue's Kitchen This Week

Our first market was so well attended, despite the wind and sprinkles. Thanks to everyone who came out to visit us! It was nice to see your smiling faces.

I'm back to work this week after being on vacation a week for my daughter Sara's graduation from CCAD. So, I've got to get organized!

The cinnamon rolls were a hit last week so I will bring more on Wednesday, along with cookie stacks, pies (apple, cherry, and strawberry rhubarb) and Lemon Pecan Bread (its being re-named "Pastry Lemonade" -- a name suggested by one of my customers after tasting a sample!)

This week, samples will be mini chocolate chip cookies and... pastry lemonade.

Again, if you want to have me reserve something - please call ahead @614.588.6903.

See you all on Wednesday!

Sue Renner of Sue's Kitchen

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: May 7, 2008's Market Photo Tour

Visit our Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market Photo Tour for our inaugural 2008 Season!

The photo set is on flickr and can be accessed by clicking here! See you next Wednesday at the Market!

Sponsored by the Westerville Uptown Merchants Association, the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market convenes each Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. from May 7th to October 29th at N. State and E. Home in the Church of Messiah parking lot. Home-made. Home-grown. Fresh Air Shopping!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Sweet News from Mockingbird Meadows

Here's an update from Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market vendors Dawn and Carson Combs of Mockingbird Meadows:

Whew! So much is happening out at our farm.

The sheep finally have their fence and the chicken palace is going up as we speak. We are ready to turn the ground over and put on the biodynamic preparations for the year. With a lot of our long term perennial herbs going into the ground this year we are reall starting to see things shape up.

Sign up soon for our Herbal Skincare Workshop coming up May 24th and take a tour of our farm that day! Check out our website for more details.

The bees are doing well. We have come out of winter with very strong hives and are getting ready to make splits of quite a few of them. This past week we installed new packages of bees into 10 new hives and are already getting calls to catch swarms! We are up to 28 hives right now.

Our most exciting news is in regard to our Infused Honey. Our Infused Honeys start with our raw honey and we infuse fresh herbs into them in a process that takes between 1-3 months. The end result is a raw honey with subtle overtones of floral or herbal flavor, and the health benefits of each herbal addition to boot! This artisanal honey was nominated by the Slow Food group here in Columbus to take part in the international festival, "Slow Food Nation," August 29-September 1, 2008 in San Francisco, California. We recently received word that we were accepted and that our honey will be featured in their "Taste" forum during this 4-day foodie festival! We are so excited and thankful for this opportunity to be seen by such a large audience.

Be sure to stop by and see the fun things we are doing with our honey to provide you with even more health benefits!

Green health to you,

Dawn Combs
Mockingbird Meadows

Thanks, Dawn.

Visit Dawn and Carson Combs each Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. through October 29th at the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: How to Store Breads

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market vendor Jane Varley of Varely Valley Products shares her secrets for storing and freezing bread:

Jane shares:

I am often asked "How long does your bread stay fresh?" and "Can I freeze it?"

Unlike store-bought bread, there are no preservatives in my bread. As such, I feel it is best eaten within 2 to 3 days. However, my friends call me a “bread snob” and insist that it stays good for close to a week. (To me, I just don’t like it when it starts to lose some of its moistness. Most of my customers tell me that they still enjoy it even a week after it is made.)"

Different breads will stay moist for different amounts of time:

- In general, the plain white breads will hold the longest.

- Breads with dried fruits will typically dry out the fastest.

- It is fine to store it in the refrigerator to extend the freshness for a day or two (always keep the bag sealed). However, bread will be crumbly when it is cold – let it warm to at least room temperature before eating it.

- Most breads can also be kept it in the freezer for up to a month. If you want to use it slice by slice, you can slice it first and then freeze it. This will cause it to freezer-burn a bit faster, but is fine if you are going to use it in about 3 weeks. (Note: freezer-burned bread is dry and hard, even at room temperature. It could still be used for bread crumbs.)

- During the heat of summer, conditions are less than ideal at the farmer’s market. I try to keep my bread out of the sun, but sometimes that is impossible to do. If your bread has beads of water on the inside of the bag when you get your bread home, it is best to place it in a different (dry) bag (or just turn the bag inside-out). Otherwise, the bread might get soggy spots and/or develop mold faster. This is moisture that has evaporated out of the bread and condensed on the bag. Since it does reduce the moisture in the bread a little bit, you might find that your bread will last a day or two less than during cooler weather.

I put the baking date on all of the baked goods that I make. Usually the baking date is the day before the market. Since I spend about 18 hours baking, it is not possible to bake the day of the market and have it all loaded in my car by 2 pm.

If you feel that you will not be able to eat a full loaf of bread before it gets stale, please let me know. I am typically able to sell you a half loaf – all you have to do is ask!

Thanks, Jane.

Visit Varley Valley Products week at the market!

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Welcome Buckeye Mustard

The Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market welcomes new 2008 market vendor:

Lisa Latshaw's
Buckeye Mustard
Dublin, Ohio

▪ Buckeye Mustard
▪ Buckeye Buffalo Wing Sauce

Big Yum!

Visit Lisa each week at the market!

Uptown Westerville Farmers Market: Today's Press Release: Blessing will Open 2008 Market Season

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market Starts 2008 Season Today with a Special Blessing

The Uptown Westerville Farmers’ Market, sponsored by the Westerville Uptown Merchants Association, opens the 2008 season at 3 p.m. today with a special market blessing from Reverend Stan Ling of Church of the Messiah, United Methodist.

The Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market is open every Wednesday through October 29, 2008, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the corner of N. State St. and E. Home St., in the Church of the Messiah parking lot.

Home-made and home-grown only, the market provides an ever-changing fare including farm-fresh conventional and organic seasonal fruits and vegetables, heirloom produce, baked goods, seed plants, flowers, chutneys, spreads and sauces, honey, pet treats, maple products, natural personal care products, meats-to-order, and fresh eggs.

This week's fresh produce features are asparagus, lettuces, and swiss chard.

14 Market Vendors will be open for business today, with many market favorites returning:Arjay Gourmet Foods, Bildsten Landscape, Bird’s Haven Farm, Bridgman Farm, Carousel Watergardens & Cathy’s Tasty Treats, Doran’s Family Farm, Flying J Farm, Malabar Acres, Mockingbird Meadows, Northridge Organic Farm, Pleiades Maple Products, Sue’s Kitchen, and Varley Valley Products.

And the market welcomes new vendors: Frijolito Farm and Buckeye Mustard.

Parking is free in Uptown Westerville, both on-street and in parking lots.

For more information on the Uptown Westerville Farmers’ Market email: or check out the web page WUMA Uptown Farmers' Market and the Farmers' Market blog

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: This Week from Sue's Kitchen

Sue Renner of Sue's Kitchen is ready for the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market 2008 Season!

Sue says:

Flour's been flying and here's what I'll be bringing to our first market of the 2008 season:

Cookie Stacks: Peanut Blossom, Chocolate Chip & Mom's Oatmeal Raisin

Pies: Springtime Strawberry Rhubarb, "Apple of my Eye" Apple, and "So Berry Nice" Berry (family size and small 4" size); Tart Cherry, too if I have my act together.

Lemon Pecan Dessert Bread

Hand Painted Sugar Cookies shaped in Hearts, Butterflies and Tulips Just for Mom!!

Samples will be cinnamon stix from leftover pie crust (Yummy!).

Springtime notecards with pictures of spring flowers from around Central Ohio-perfect for Mom.
See you all there....pray for sun and no rain!

Thanks, Sue Renner

Market Tip: If you want pie -- come early!

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Our First Market Wednesday of 2008!

Tomorrow is the very first Farmer's Market Wednesday! May 7th from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the corner of N. State and E. Home in the Church of the Messiah parking lot.

Spring produce is available -- fresh asparagus, lettuces, and swiss chard. And, you'll find breads, honey, baked goods, skin care products, and more!

The 2008 inaugural market Wednesday starts out with a record 16 market vendors!