Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Uptown Westerville Farmers Market: This Week from Varley Valley

Well, yesterday, I was having trouble getting motivated. So, I’m not sure exactly what I will be bringing to market, but you can count on Challah loaves and totally wheat. Otherwise, I will see where my scattered brain takes me. I will not have any new jams, which leads me into the next paragraph.

Obviously, you
know that I love baking. But did you know that there was something I love even more? Greyhounds, yes that’s what I said, GREYHOUNDS – not the buses but the incredibly sweet, amazingly sleek dogs. I have spent the last week organizing the annual greyhound reunion picnic for Team Greyhound, a local adoption organization. Therefore, no new jams!

Stop by my booth tomorrow and register to win your chance at meeting a real adoptable racing dog. Okay, so all you really have to do is stop by. Weather permitting, I will have my foster dog, Fury (racing name Jawa Fury) with me. She is a very sweet, red fawn girlhoundie just waiting to find her forever home. I swear she could melt even the coldest heart with her big dark eyes. We hope to see you tomorrow.

Jane Varley
Varley Valley Products

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