Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Uptown Westerville Farmer's Market: A Recipe and Market Report from Bird's Haven Farms

This week's recipe for the Westerville Farm Market from Bird's Haven Farms ----

A delicious sandwich recipe that calls for fresh produce and fresh baked bread!

Cucumber and Cheddar Cheese Sandwiches


Fresh Baked Bread (whatever type you prefer)
Cucumber (English)
White Cheddar Cheese (old or Strong)
Butter or Mayonnaise
Salt or Black Pepper

Peel cucumber skin and cut thin round slices.

Spread butter or mayo on two slices of baked bread.

Cut Cheddar cheese into thin slices and place on the slices until thoroughly covered.

Then place the thin slices of cucumbers on top of the cheese and add salt and pepper on top of the cucumbers only. Place the second (buttered or mayo-ed) slice on top of the cucumbers and cut in half.

If you eat this sandwich with hot soup when you have a cold, you will recover twice as fast!!!

Just Around the Corner --

Fresh summer squash and zucchini coming soon. Just picked our first ripe tomato Memorial weekend from the high tunnels!!

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