Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Malabar Peach Trees

Mike Dippold of Malabar Peach and Apple Orchard tells us:

I will be placing my order for peach trees for spring planting. A number of people over the years have asked me about when and how to order. If anyone whats a tree or two, I would be happy to order with mine. Two kinds that I have coming will be Contender and Coralstar. Each tree will be 4 to 6 foot tall and two years old. Cost is $37.50 per tree which includes shipping. You must pay at time of order. Ripening date for these kinds are mid-August.

Like I tell everyone a peach tree is a beautiful tree even when you dont get peaches. Get your sight ready now for next spring. Put in a little lime. Also watch to make sure the spot that you have selected does not sit in water in late winter. If planting two trees, space on twenty foot center. I have wood stakes that I drive in now while ground is soft. You can wire tie your tree to it for the first couple of years to keep it from getting broken off or blown over.

You can see Mike today at the market or contact Mike via email at

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