Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: October 23rd Market Report

Not a photo provided by NASA! It's celery root from Northridge Organic Farm.

No way around it, this day is a crazy one when it comes to the weather. Snow this morning, and we are expecting things to warm up this afternoon to the high 40s. You may not want to linger today, but there will still be plenty of farm fresh at N. State and E. Home this afternoon for a quick shop.

Today's market vendor line-up: Fox Hollow Farm, Branstool Orchards, Northridge Organic Farm, Pleiades Maple Products, Dan the Baker, Sweet Thing Gourmet, Chuck Evans' Montezuma Brand Salsas and Sauces, Sugar B Bakery, Malabar Peach and Apple Orchard, and Bird's Haven Farms.

This week's community partner is Westerville Public Library.

Annabelle's Blooms is scheduled, but Anna fresh picks her flowers right before she leaves for market, so her appearance will be dependent on the effects of the weather.

We are waiting to hear from Dana Lee's and Honey Health Farms.

We know we will not see Ohio Farm Direct, Hartzler Family Dairy, Bridgman Farm, and Flying J Farm this week.
We just heard from Blue Jacket Dairy - they are experiencing technical difficulties in the cheese making process and have no curds to bring to market - so we will not see Blue Jacket Dairy today.

Bird's Haven Farms:

Northridge Organic Farm:


Maple Sugar from Pleiades Maple.

 Fresh-baked from Sugar B Bakery.

Biscotti from Sweet Thing Gourmet.

Prairie Wheat organic sourdough bread from Dan the Baker.

Golden Delicious from Branstool Orchards.

Montezuma Brand Salsas

See you at the market!

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