Saturday, August 3, 2013

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: National Farmers' Market Week

Shopping at Hartzler Family Dairy

Food Interactive! August 4th through August 10th is officially National Farmers' Market Week!  

At a farmers' market, you can meet, chat with, and shake the hand of the person who raised or made your food.  It’s a family-friendly place to enjoy - to meet old friends and new, try new flavors, and buy fresh, flavorful, nourishing foods. 

Everyone who touches a farmers'  market plays a role in its success. When you shop at a farmers' market, you're supporting local farmers and food artisans so they can earn their living, and also benefiting from foods and products with ingredients grown, raised, or made close to home. 

Browse. Visit. Taste. Shop. Take an edible adventure - look for farmers' markets where you live, vacation, and travel.  

We've included a link to Ohio Proud's online market directory - almost any day of the week, you'll find a farmers' market somewhere close to home, and if you're looking for a day-trip idea, think of visiting a farmers' market in another part of Ohio!

Click here: The Ohio Proud Online Market Directory

See you at the market!

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