Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Sugar B Bakery Bids Us Adieu

Life happens. Nature happens. Farming happens. In Westerville, we have a small farmers' market that has become a big family. Informed by the experiences of our vendors and customers, we embrace and accept the organic ebbs and flows of life. Sometimes it's embracing a beautiful day or biting into an indescribably delicious and juicy peach, and sometimes, it's a rubber-duck-worthy rainy day, the loss of a loved one (my Dad, Les, passed away a week before the start of market season), or a flower crop that can't thrive in the elements of the season.

This market features an exceptional group of talented and passionate vendors who make a family. One of our family members is leaving us - Angela Bowman of Sugar B Bakery - she's moving out-of-state - and we will miss not only her delicious breads, scones, and bagels, but we will miss her infectious sense of humor, her loud voice at market open (what megaphone?!!), and her energy and presence at Market Wednesday.

Angela is just an exceptional human being and we have all been enriched and buoyed by her presence at the market.

Safe travels, Angela, may the winds be with you always. You are always part of the Market Wedesday family. We hope - I hope - you'll be able to make a trip or two or three... to Westerville in the coming seasons to stop by and visit! With good thoughts and so much love.  -Linda.

Linda Foor,
Market Manager,
Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market

Here is Angela's Message:

Yesterday was a bittersweet day. It was the last Uptown Westerville
Farmers Market for me (there is still one more). For those of you that don't know, my husband has taken a job in Michigan so we are starting a new adventure there in the next few weeks.

As I close this chapter of my life I am reminded of how many truly dear friends I have made here and I am eternally grateful to you all. I'm going to miss you more than I can say but I am taking a piece of each of you with me forever. You have given me confidence to continue to grow my business and great memories that have flooded my life with constant joy for 6 years.Your support and encouragement have been a great part of our success. Thank you all!

Angela Bowman
Sugar B. Bakery

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