Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Surface Tension!

Plan ahead today to park elsewhere Uptown and walk to visit Market Wednesday. 

While it should look fabulous next week, this week, the parking lots east of the market space are bare to the earth, downright muddy, and being prepped for paving.

The lot on the south side of E. Home St. is not effected and, as usual, you can park in the public lots behind the buildings on the west side of State St. 

First, take care of yourself and your vehicle - do not pull into the parking lot at all! If you see an orange cone - do not go there! Do not drive through any open space between any orange cones! 

If you park on-street, we remind you that we do business at the edge of a residential neighborhood, so be aware of children, animals, driveways, pedestrians, and parking regulations - if you park as if you're in your own neighborhood, you'll be fine.

We also ask that you not double park (we guarantee you will not just be a minute); we have a dedicated disability parking space between Bird's Haven Farms and Roger's Honey. 

Thank you for the extra effort and your continued business!

We look forward to the end result!!

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