Monday, June 2, 2014

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Piece of Cake

Blog contributor, Laura Nethers, shares a cake recipe with a sweet, crisp, cool twist:

Watermelon Cake Recipe 

I recently discovered this recipe on Facebook and decided to make it for our Memorial Day cookout. 

The cake was a huge success with my family and friends, and is a very delicious and healthy option perfect for picnics, cookouts, family gatherings or any hot summer day. 

Despite how it looks, it's very easy to assemble and takes very little time. I made it in less than a half hour, including prep time, and keeping in mind this was the first time I made it.


Medium size seedless watermelon (try to find one that is shaped well for the size cake you want, and is free of dents)
1 container of whipped cream
Assortment of fresh berries and/or your choice of fruit (I used sliced strawberries,
blueberries, and raspberries)
Sliced almonds (or any nut of your choosing)


Rinse and dry your choice of berries or fruit toppings. Set aside.

Cut the small ends of the watermelon off so that it's level.

Cut the rind off around the sides of the watermelon.

Make sure the size fits in your cake container and trim off any excess.

Dry the outside of the watermelon with paper towels so the whip cream will stick.

Slather on a layer of whip cream thick enough to completely cover the watermelon.

Arrange berries on the top of the watermelon, as well as around the bottom edge if you like.

Sprinkle the sides with sliced almonds.


The assembled cake is easily cut with a sharp chopping knife, perhaps the same knife you used to cut the rind off of the watermelon.

Refrigerate the watermelon beforehand for a chilled cake.

Lasts in the fridge, potentially for up to a week, but it's best when eaten fresh.

Thanks, Laura!

While, it's early yet, in Central Ohio, for watermelon, locally grown is the sweetest - look for watermelon this summer on Market Wednesday!

For more information:

Cancer Truth timeline photos on facebook.

Photos courtesy of Laura Nethers and Cancer Truth.

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