Friday, March 28, 2014

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: The Frozen Peach Tree Blues

We've been waiting to hear and wanted you to know as soon as we knew: 

Life on the Farm: From Branstool Orchards... 

Time to deliver the sad news: We are not going to have a peach crop this summer. Unfortunately the subzero temperatures at the very beginning of the year were too harsh to handle. Marshall recently contacted an orchard in Adams County in Pennsylvania, and we do plan on them shipping us some peaches. Because they will not be our peaches, we won't be at the farmers markets until our apples are coming on strong. The good news is that our apple crop is looking plentiful and we anticipate having a good apple season.

Utica is a nice drive and not that far, so we'll keep you posted when the Adams County, PA peaches are available at the Branstool Orchards store.

We are looking forward to the Branstool Family's amazing selection of apple varieties later this summer.

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