Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: July 24th Market Report

Heirloom tomatoes from Northridge Organic Farm

Boy howdy, we like this week's weather forecast much better! A forecast high of 74° with low humidity, an occasional gentle breeze, and partly sunny skies - that sounds like great farm-fresh weather!

Home-grown. Home-made. All Ohio. Market Wednesday is open for business from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. @ N. State and E. Home in Uptown Westerville.

Produce is plentiful, fresh, tasty, and awesome!

This week's vendor line-up: Malabar Peach and Apple Orchard, Annabelle's Blooms, Sugar B Bakery, Chuck Evans' Montezuma Brand Salsas and Sauces, Sweet Thing Gourmet, Blue Jacket Dairy, Pleiades Maple Products, Northridge Organic Farm, Branstool Orchards, Fox Hollow Farm, Bird's Haven Farms, Flying J Farm, Ohio Farm Direct, Honey Health Farms, Doran's Family Farm, Hartzler Family Dairy, Bridgman Farm.

Update: Just before noon, we heard from Branstool Orchards. Try as they might, the storms over the past week have taken their toll and there just aren't enough ripe peaches to bring to market this week.  As we say at the market, 'Life happens. Nature happens. Farming happens.' and while disappointed for this week, we'll look for Branstool Orchards next week.

(We are waiting to hear from our limited engagement vendors that let us know mid-morning if they are coming - we'll keep updating.)

This week's community partner is Westerville Public Library - our favorite resource (It's free! You just need a library card) for cookbooks, recipes, and the 411 on great food and nutrition.

What can you buy at the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market?


Hartzler Family Dairy (non-homogenized, pasteurized milk, roll butter, and packaged ice cream)

Blue Jacket Dairy (cow, sheep's, and goat's-milk cheeses including cheddar curds and Gretna Grillin')

Ohio Farm Direct (organic, grass-fed Meadow Milk cheeses, drinkable yogurt, summer sausage)

Fox Hollow Farm (naturally-raised beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and fresh eggs)

Flying J Farm (grass-fed beef)

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits:

Bird's Haven Farms (produce)

Northridge Organic Farm (certified organic produce)

Branstool Orchards (peaches)

Doran's Family Farm (produce)

Flying J Farm (produce)

Bridgman Farm (produce)

Malabar Peach and Apple Orchard (peaches)

Fresh-picked and coming to market: Tomatoes, sweet corn, tomatillos, okra, onions, summer squash varieties, cabbage, potatoes, garlic, transparent apples, kale, lettuce, eggplant, peaches.
Bees and Trees:

Pleiades Maple Products

Honey Health Farms

Artisan Delicious:

Chuck Evans' Montezuma Brand Salsas and Sauces (Salsas (fruit-based, tomato-based, mild to three alarm sizzling hot, hot sauce, marinades and cooking sauces, including barbeque, tortilla chips)

Sugar B Bakery (Fresh-baked bread, specialty breads, bagels, cookies, scones, muffins)

Sweet Thing Gourmet: Jams and biscotti

Field-fresh Beauty:

Annabelle's Bloom (cut sunflowers and bouquet flowers)

A lot of our vendors feature tasting samples, although we think you'll want to once you've tried these amazing foods, there is no pressure to buy - so stop by and meet our artisan vendors, taste, and enjoy.

We heard from Z Blueberry this morning and they have finished their season. Much like our strawberries, between U-pick and the weather - this year, our berry seasons have been short and sweet.

If you have time, we encourage you to walk a few steps south of the market to Meza, 48 N. State. Tatjana Brown features a speciall-priced Market Wednesday tasting (usually it's a nice sangria, with recipe) and will happily help you with wine pairing ideas for your market fare.

Peaches from Branstool Orchards

Cheddar curds from Blue Jacket Dairy

Shopping for sweet corn at Doran's Family Farm

Raw honey from Honey Health Farms

Peaches from Malabar Peach and Apple Orchard

Transparent apples from Doran's Family Farm

Marinades and sauces from Chuck Evans' Montezuma Brand Salsas and Sauces

Okra and peppers from Bird's Haven Farms

Shopping at Sweet Thing Gourmet

Zucchini at Doran's Family Farm

Sweet Thing Gourmet

Cucumbers from Doran's Family Farm

Tomatoes from Bird's Haven Farms

Fresh cut flowers from Annabelle's Blooms

Fresh-baked from Angela Bowman's Sugar B Bakery

Tomatoes and garlic from Flying J Farm

Bill of fare at Annabelle's Blooms

Sweet corn at Doran's Family Farm

Maple syrup from Pleiades Maple Products

Sunflowers at Annabelle's Blooms

Sweet as candy! Cherry tomatoes from Bridgman Farm

Just want a few peaches? Go with Branstool Orchards' 1/4 peck.

Enjoy this great day! See you at the market!

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