Thursday, June 3, 2010

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: You Don't Have To Be a Grown-Up to Care and Take Action

Many a long-time Westerville resident has attended the "Old Vine Street School" at N. Vine and E. Home, and now Emerson is a Magnet School that focuses on world cultures.  The past 3 weeks The Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market has hosted students from Emerson Magnet School as they sold specially labeled bottled water to support the PUR Children's Safe Drinking Water Project.

Emerson Students in Mrs. Taylor's class decorated special labels for water bottles, created visuals and special facts about the need for clean water for kids throughout the world, and gave a presentation to their market guests.

Proceeds from the Emerson effort will purchase PUR packets and the contents of these packets can take ordinary contaminated water and turn it into safe drinking water.  One PUR water packet cleans 10 litres of water (2.5 gallons).

With the PUR safe drinking water packet added to dirty water, after 5 minutes of stirring, and a 20 minute wait, bacterial contaminants are eliminated and any sediment in the water settles to the bottom of the container.  Pour the water into another container covered with a filter and you have clean, safe drinking water.

Mrs. Taylor shares,

Emerson World Cultures and Languages Magnet School is educating the public about our "Children's Safe Drinking Water" project. We are collecting donations to provide PUR packets from Proctor & Gamble to countries that lack safe drinking water. One dollar provides clean water for one child for 50 days. For a contribution, market patrons received a bottle of water as a thank you gift.

PUR packets are distributed through global relief organizations.

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