Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market: Varley Valley's August 5th Market Report

Jane Varley of Varley Valley shares her August 5th market report:

Blackberry season is coming to an end. Maybe our “war wounds” will finally heal. Between the thorns, mosquitoes, and chiggers Sarah feels like she has been through a battle, if not a full blown war. Elderberry season is now underway and we have been busy picking and juicing the berries. We hope to have some elderberry jelly soon.

I have been thinking about adding some fruit syrups to our product line. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in. The pricing would be similar to our jellies. The syrup could be used to top pancakes, French toast or ice cream. It can also be used in making drinks (such as blackberry margaritas – my brother’s special creation).

This week we have added the following Jams: Low sugar sweet cherry, low sugar blueberry, grapefruit marmalade, and brandied grapefruit marmalade. I know what you are thinking; it is out of season for grapefruit. Last winter, I froze the juice and the peels and have finally gotten around to the tedious chore of slicing the peels into itty bitty strips. If you like orange marmalade, stop by and try some of my grapefruit marmalade.


Challah -- $4.25
Cinnamon Swirl -- $4.50
Cinnamon Raisin Swirl -- $5.25
Lemon Swirl -- $5.75
Orange Swirl -- $5.50
Oatmeal Raisin -- $5.00
Totally Wheat -- $4.75
Onion Garlic Wheat -- $5.00
Birdseed Nut -- $6.00

JAMS AND JELLIES (most are chemical free):

Apple Butter (low sugar and no sugar)
Sweet Apple Butter (low sugar)
Apple Cranberry Butter (low sugar)
Gingered Apple Pear Butter (low sugar)
Wild Blackberry Jam (full sugar, low sugar, and very low sugar)
Wild Blackberry Jelly (full sugar, low sugar)
Wild Blackberry Triple Sec Jelly (full sugar)
Wild Black Raspberry Jelly (low sugar, very low sugar)
Blueberry Jam (low sugar)
Sweet Cherry Jam (low sugar, very low sugar and no sugar)
Crabapple Jelly (full sugar)
Spiced Crabapple Jelly (full sugar, low sugar, and no sugar)
Grapefruit Marmalade (full sugar)
Brandied Grapefruit Marmalade (full sugar)
Spiced Mulberry Jam (full sugar)
Pear Jam (no sugar)
Gingered Pear Jam (no sugar)
Pear Jelly (low sugar)
Gingered Pear Jelly (low sugar)
Hot Plum Jam (full sugar)
Spiced Plum Jam (full sugar and low sugar)
Rhubarb Jam (full sugar and low sugar)
Rhubarb Pear Jam (very low sugar)
Wild Rosehip Jelly (full sugar)
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam (full sugar and low sugar)
Tomato Basil Jam (full sugar)

Jane Varley

Photo: Fresh bread from Varley Valley at the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market by Linda Foor. ©2009 Brickstreet Communications. All rights reserved.

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